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A special Suryanamaskar

A friend asked me: “How can you keep doing the same Suryanamaskar every single day?” It was a good question. Why was I not getting bored? Doing the same routine every single morning? The answer, of…

What we can learn from Glenn Close

1983: Glenn Close gets her first Oscar nomination. She doesn’t win. 1984: She gets her second Oscar nomination. She doesn’t win. In the next 35 years, she gets another 5 nominations. She doesn’t win any of…

You’re an ice-cube

Let’s say you had a new year resolution to shed 10 kilos. You start monitoring your food, reducing your sugar intake, walking more, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and also start doing Yoga regularly….

Taming the Stallion

The monkey mind. A lot has been written about it. This post and TED talk from Tim Urban are quite popular. Since the mind keeps jumping around from thought to thought, the monkey analogy makes sense. — But I prefer…


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