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Writer’s block

That’s what I have right now. I’ve opened my laptop on schedule to write.

And I have no idea what to write about.

So, what should I do? Just give up and shut my laptop? Of course, not

I can write about what to do when I have no ideas. Which is an idea in itself 🙂


A friend of mine told me how he keeps getting hit by writer’s block so often. It’s making it difficult for him to keep writing.

He’s now writing less than he used to.

What is writer’s block? You could say that it’s a lack of ideas. Or a “freezing” of the brain when you’re trying to share those ideas. Or any other obstacle while sitting down to write.

But I think it’s just our fear of swimming in unchartered waters. Or the hesitation to walk the untrodden path.

Writer’s block is how our mind “protects” us by keeping us in our comfort zones.

What’s the solution?


One of my Yoga instructors used to say this:

“If your inflexible body is like cold butter, your breath is like a hot knife. Use your breath to move your body.”

The good news is that the hot knife can also help us get through writer’s block.

All we need to do is show up. Take a deep breath. And take one step forward at a time. And the path ahead of us lights up bit by bit.

As another Yoga teacher of mine says..“Trust the process”.

Just keep showing up. The writer’s block will “melt” away.

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