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Komal Dubey shows us how to be “responsible”

Duty vs Responsibility. There’s a distinction. You’re doing your duty when you’re satisfying what the world expects from you. But you’re being responsible when you’re listening to your conscience and doing whatever it tells you to do. Or in other words, whenever you’re following your heart. —- Let’s say you’re a great student, always getting…

Why write? And why write publicly?

A friend was curious why I blog. That made me think as well. Blogging is public writing. While writing your own personal journal every day is a great habit, I think blogging has additional benefits. Perhaps some of the following reasons will also resonate with you 🙂 Why write? Writing helps me clarify my thinking….

Stress is good

My writing tool of choice is called The Most Dangerous Writing App Here’s how it works: Let’s say you plan to write for 20min. Once you start writing, you can’t stop until your 20 minutes are done. If you pause for more than a few seconds, you lose everything you’ve written so far. Sounds stressful?…

Being dissatisfied: There’s a catch. And a solution!

I recently wrote about how being perennially dissatisfied can fuel us toward continuous improvement and growth. There is however a catch. The dissatisfaction could lead to disappointment rather than enthusiasm. I’ll address how to avoid that in this post. —- Some years ago, I watched an interview with the always-in-the-news Elon Musk. Here’s one part…

The gift of dissatisfaction

“Why are you never satisfied? We can’t be happy unless we’re satisfied.” That was a piece of advice from a friend, who meant well. —- “Stretch a bit more Vaidy…Put your elbows down…You can do this..” That was Shilpa, my Yoga teacher. We were practicing the hanumanasa (full split). My thighs were screaming in pain….

Don’t trust yourself – book a Focusmate session instead!

Have you ever gone to bed planning to do something important the next day like…getting up early/practicing Yoga/writing/reading/studying/practicing music/spending quality time with family.. And then spending the next day carefully avoiding that important thing? And then going to bed the next day, once again..planning to do that important thing the next day? I’ve lost count…

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