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Your mind is an answering machine. Use it wisely.

“You are already complete.”

You may have heard the above statement. What does it mean?

Here are 3 interpretations:

1. If you took the spiritual route, you could interpret it as a nudge toward looking inward with the belief that you’ll eventually find the “why” of your existence within yourself.

2. Or you could consider it as a reminder that you don’t need to feel insecure or insufficient in any way. That you’re already good enough, just the way you are.

3. Yet another application of the idea is that whenever we get stuck in our life with challenges or obstacles, we can rely on ourselves to come up with solutions to move forward.

This post is about the 3rd idea. Let’s dive deeper.


– “Can I wake up early?”
– “Should I start a blog?”
– “Should I start a new business?”
– “Should I commit to XYZ?”

What do you do when you get these kinds of questions?

I find that I can waste days “thinking” about these questions over and over again with no progress.

There’s a better way.


Open a notebook and write the question down at the top of a page.

[Pro tip: Make sure to end it with a question mark :)]

You’ve now prompted your mind to give you answers.

Give it a few minutes. You should start getting some thoughts. Write them down as they come. Keep going.

Within 5-10 minutes, you should have gotten a good bit of clarity.

It works like magic. Try it out.


But is that it?

Let’s pick up this question: “Can I wake up early?”

Possible answers to this question:

– “No, I can’t”
– “Maybe, I can”
– “Yes, I can”

While there are no wrong answers, those aren’t the most useful answers either.

– If you got a “No, I can’t” or a feeble “Yes, I can”, that was probably not satisfying for you
– If you got a “Yes, I can”, what do you do now?

You could look for better answers, but that’s not likely to work.


Garbage in, garbage out

That’s a blunt way of saying that if you start with less effective questions, you’ll get less useful answers.

Let’s change “Can I wake up early?” to “How do I wake up early?”

Once again, open the notebook, and write this question at the top of a page. And wait for your mind to open up with answers.

It’s like magic. You’ll now start getting ideas that you never thought of before.


Any tool is only as good as the user.

Your mind is a brilliant machine. But you need to know how to use it well.

Your goal is to move forward. To grow. Why not use your own mind to help you move forward?

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