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Stop snoozing [Part 4]: Banish that gap between waking up and getting up

“Banish the dreaded psychological disease of procrastination from your life”

When Vikas said the above in one of our Pranayama classes, it was like a command that each one of us had to obey.

Let’s break that powerful command down.


Banish: Remove permanently. Never to return. Create a new version of yourself. Leave the “old you” behind.

Psychological: The mind controls your body, your emotions, your speech…everything. But you can take control of your mind. Tame it to align your thoughts, words, and actions.

Dreaded: Visualise and strongly feel the long-term detrimental effects on your life.

Disease: Realize that if you let that thing any closer, it’ll aggressively spread its tentacles inside you.

Procrastination: The habit of pushing things out endlessly. Thinking, planning but never executing.

Your: Take ownership of yourself. You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself first. Be responsible.

Life: Life is short but beautiful. The less you procrastinate, the more you can experience the beauty of life with joy, gratitude, and enthusiasm.


So where do we start? By never touching that snooze button on your alarm again 🙂

Banish that gap between waking up and getting up.

To end this four-part series, I’ll leave you with a tactic that works for me:

  • After setting the alarm on your phone, leave it on a table at least a few feet away from your bed.
  • When it rings the next day morning, dismiss the alarm instead of snoozing it.

That’s it. I can guarantee that you won’t go back to bed again.

Do this for a few days, and you’ve just taken the first step toward making your life count.

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