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Don’t trust yourself – book a Focusmate session instead!

Have you ever gone to bed planning to do something important the next day like…getting up early/practicing Yoga/writing/reading/studying/practicing music/spending quality time with family..

And then spending the next day carefully avoiding that important thing?

And then going to bed the next day, once again..planning to do that important thing the next day?

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done that.

The solution that worked for me? Set up a meeting with someone to get it done.

This means two things: (a) An external commitment, (b) At a fixed time.

Let’s look at two examples.

Getting up early and practicing Yoga asanas (my form of exercise): 

Here’s how I apply the meeting idea to both those two things: I’ve signed up for a 6:30 AM class. The classes start bang on time – whether I show up or not. I also make a commitment to the teacher that I will show up regularly.

The result? These days, I find myself on the mat at 6:30AM atleast 4-5 times a week. I still don’t want to do it, but since I respect my teacher and the commitment I’ve made to her, I have little choice but to show up.

Important: For the above idea to work, your teacher needs to expect you in the class.  If you’ve just signed up for the classes, reach out and have a short call with the teacher. Then make a commitment to them that you will be regular for class.

Almost everything else (Writing/Reading/Work/Music Practice): 

To get the most important things done, you need to be at your desk with your butt planted to your chair for a good amount of time. And then you need to focus – instead of doom-scrolling through Instagram.

The usual route is to try to rely on our own willpower. That doesn’t work for me. I can’t get myself to start on time. And I also can’t get myself to focus after I’ve started.

The solution? Yep..set up a meeting. On FocusMate.

Focusmate is where you find a random work partner and spend some time working with them on a video call.

You’re both muted, but the videos are on. So..that your butt is firmly in your seat the whole time and you’re forced to work on whatever you’ve committed to your FocusMate partner.

Concerned that you may still end up getting distracted during your FocusMate session? Try sharing your screen throughout your session – now your FocusMate partner can see both you and what you’re “working” on.

So, when should you book a FocusMate session? Do it whenever you’re planning out your important tasks for the day. Or a few hours before time.

This way you don’t give into last-minute procrastination. You’ve made a commitment to show up at a certain time. And you know someone is expecting you to be there. On-time.

PS: I don’t have any business affiliation with Focusmate. I just love it so much, that I can’t stop talking or writing about it.

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