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A special Suryanamaskar

A friend asked me: “How can you keep doing the same Suryanamaskar every single day?”

It was a good question. Why was I not getting bored? Doing the same routine every single morning?

The answer, of course, is that it only seems like I’m doing the same thing every day.

Every day is different. Every Suryanamaskar is different. Heck..every asana I do in each round is different.

A shortlist of things changing with each movement:

  • The distracting thoughts in my mind
  • The quality of my breath
  • The heat in my body
  • My level of gratitude

A Yoga teacher told me that the Suryanamaskar practice should be an exercise in Kumbhaka breathing.

“Isn’t that a pranayama technique where I breathe in deeply until my abdomen is bloated and then hold my breath for a while?” – I asked her with my half-baked understanding.

“Well..think of Kumbhaka as a way to breathe in deeply until every cell of your body is full of oxygen. It’s not just about breathing into your lungs – but into each limb and extremity – all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes.” – she explained patiently.

Those wise words of experience have added a whole new level of depth to my daily practice.

Back to the original question: “How can you practice the same Suryanamaskars every day?”

If my friend asked me that today, I might ask her this rhetorical question in return: “We breathe 22,000 times a day. Are each of those breaths exactly the same as the others?”

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