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Word-of-mouth marketing on steroids!

How do you know if a customer is truly delighted with your product or service?

– Is it when they actively spread the word about your service?
– Is it when they give you 5 stars in your feedback forms?
– Is it when they thank you profusely for providing your service? (that they’re paying for!)
– Is it when the customer wants to join your team as an employee?
– Or, is it when the customer becomes a good friend?

At PracticeNow, we’ve been lucky and thankful that all of the above have happened to us.

But here’s something else that happened recently.

We recently signed up a big yoga institution from Mysore.

How did that happen? As they say, nothing is as powerful as word-of-mouth marketing.

And that’s exactly what happened in this case well. Two of our paying customers are students of the Mysore-based institute. And they put in a good word for us.

But it didn’t stop there.

Both of these customers eagerly opted-in to provide free support on our behalf.

And it didn’t stop there either.

A day after they’d signed up with us, I spoke to the manager at the Mysore-based institute.

“It seems like you’ve set up everything perfectly..”, I started the conversation

“Yes, it’s almost done..”, he told me

“How did you manage it? Most new customers need some hand-holding.”, I asked curiously

“Yeah, your customer, Vimal [name changed], spent a lot of time walking us through everything.”, he answered happily.

So, how do you know when a paying customer is delighted?

When they provide free support on your behalf to a new customer!

Delightful, isn’t it? 🙂

Disclaimer: Of course, we’ve also had our fair share of criticisms and angry customers. But I’ll share those details on another day 🙂

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