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Smile for no reason

“Smile”, advised a friend

“But why?”, I asked

“For no reason at all”, he responded..with a smile.

And I mirrored with a smile as well.

I wasn’t feeling great. I couldn’t think of good reasons to smile.

But that’s the point – we don’t need a reason.

It costs nothing. But we gain so much from that simple action.

Every time I smile, it triggers positive thoughts. I get reminded of the many things I can be grateful for – my caring family, my work, my good health, that I’m financially fine..the list goes on.

I get reminded that whatever it is that is bothering me right now, “this too shall pass”

I get reminded that kindness and compassion are the most important “skills” I should train myself in.

It’s simple. But not always easy.

This thing called the ego tends to get in the way of performing this simple action.

“You’ve barely hit your sales targets..only a fool would smile at a time like this…”

“The whole nation is suffering from the pandemic, only a selfish person would smile at a time like this…”

“You don’t have nearly as much as you should. If you smile, you won’t want more. Don’t risk it.”

The funny thing is…the moment we smile, the ego along with all of its interesting rationalizations tends to dissolve away.

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