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Stop Snoozing [Part 3]: Every minute counts, much more than you think

It takes a few minutes of work to sow a mango seed. Nobody, other than you, even knows it’s there.

Fast forward a few weeks, you have a sapling.

In a few years, it’s a small tree.

And in a decade, it has grown into a gigantic landmark. It has become a perpetual giver without needing any caretaking.

We know that if we want to make our lives count..if we want to create something remarkable and share it with the world, we will need to keep investing focused effort for many years to come.

What isn’t obvious to most of us, is the value of the small things we do. If you need to stay positive throughout the day, you need to start strong.

If it wasn’t for those few minutes that you invested in planting the seed, there would be one less beautiful landmark.

It’s 5 AM. The alarm goes off.

You have two options: Snooze it for another few minutes or jump out of bed with enthusiasm.

If you snooze it, you’ve taken your foot off the accelerator. What feels like just a few additional minutes of “blissful” sleep, is actually creating a negative effect on you throughout the day. What’s worse is that you’ll be tempted to snooze the alarm tomorrow as well. And eventually, your dream stays a dream.

But, when you jump out of bed, you’re adding a vote in your own favor. The day is already on fire in your mind. And what you achieve throughout the day, will help you jump out of bed again tomorrow. Your dream starts to become real.


In less than 24 hours from now, you’ll get your next chance.

When that alarm rings, you know what to do. ๐Ÿ‘Š ๐Ÿ˜Š