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Online Yoga Classes: As a student, I have so many options to choose from.

Options with similar pricing. Seemingly similar offerings. And standard schedules as well.

“Why don’t you try out ALL the classes? And then make a decision?”

A well-meaning friend prodded me.

Since almost all teachers offer either trial classes or drop-ins, this wasn’t a bad suggestion at all.

Before I went ahead though, there were a few more questions to answer:

“What if I liked the trial class? But I ended up disliking the classes after I signed up for a longer-term?”

“What if I disliked the trial class? Was it because the teacher was just having a bad day? Or maybe I was just having a bad day?”

I was even more confused than when I’d started.

And then a wise yoga teacher advised me: “First make a sankalpa to practice regularly. When you enter each class, surrender to the teacher completely.”

That resonated with me.

As long as I’m skeptical, doubtful, googling, and double-guessing anything my teacher says…I would never be satisfied.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

It didn’t take me much longer to sign up with a teacher after that.

Without fear and doubts. And with faith and surrender instead.

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