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The magic of “live” classes

No amount of thinking about fitness is going to make us stronger or more healthy. It’s when we show up for practice that things start to change.

No… it’s when we keep showing up regularly for practice, that things start to change.


“But.. it’s hard to keep showing up.”

That’s what I used to think. But not James Clear.

In his book “Atomic Habits”, James says that changing our behavior doesn’t need to be hard. If we understand how our brain works, we can make big changes in our lives by just changing a few small things.

According to him, if you want to show up regularly for practice, you just need to answer 2 few simple questions:

1. When will you practice?
2. Where will you practice?

The reason we don’t take action on our dreams is that we don’t usually have a clearly defined “next step”.

Answer the above 2 simple questions, and you’ll see the magic start to happen.


I promised a shortcut in the title. Here it is: Just sign up with a teacher who teaches live classes and who has a published schedule.

Once you’ve paid the teacher, you’ve committed to showing up on her schedule and wherever she teaches.

And voila..your when and where questions are answered.


Once you start, you may be tempted to skip some classes. How do you avoid that? That’s another blog post 🙂

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