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Stuck somewhere? Get help.

A few weeks ago, a customer sent me this message:

“Vaidy, my daughter is putting a workshop on Suryanamaskar together. Is it okay if we used some ideas from your Suryanamaskar blog post for the workshop?”

I was humbled by her question. I responded positively to her, but the thought that kept lingering in my head was this:

“She wants to use an idea from *my* post for her workshop?”

“What could I have written that was good enough to include in a professionally taught workshop?”

“All I did was share my thoughts about my own practice.”

I shouldn’t have been too surprised though. At least half a dozen people have told me that they love my writing. And that they want to read more of my content.

But I couldn’t sustain it.

“If you don’t write today, it’s not the end of the world. There’s always tomorrow.”

“It’s going to take at least 30min for you to come up with something decent. And then another 30min to edit it. Can you really spare an hour of your precious time for something that’s not really your source of direct income? Especially, when there are many more pressing things at hand?”

“You don’t have a good idea today. Let’s wait until tomorrow, for some more inspiration.”

After a few weeks of struggling with the above thoughts, I lost momentum and stopped writing completely.

“Day by day, every day, I’m doing things then and there”

I meditated on that thought for about 30min today. This was part of a Pranayama workshop focused on overcoming procrastination at PanchaYoga.

The result is that you’re now able to read this post. After 8 months of writing almost nothing, I’ve finally put pen to paper again.


We all want to let go of our fears. To bring abundance into our lives. To become better people.

Procrastination gets in the way of all of those good things.

The smart thing I did was to accept that I needed help to become better. I’m glad I attended that workshop.

If you’re stuck, I hope you’ll reach out for help too🙂

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